Mushroom Table by Thomas Wold

Hi friends, this time I’ve had time to post again. Referring from my previous postings I found a mushroom table design again. This time the design is so similar to the usual mushrooms we eat in terms of form stems and leaves. With 3 kinds of color that is yellowish white, orange and blue. Mushroom … Continue reading

Da-Bloom Baby – Study Table by Jin-Young Lee

Jin-Young Lee from Korea a designer to create a design that I call the study table. The design is named after the Baby Da-Bloom. Have some table top that can be used by 6 people at once. This study table pivot a conical section at the end of the table that can be played after … Continue reading

Garden Table a Unique Table With Multi-Purpose

Hello friend, this time I will post again and found a unique table with multi-purpose that I gave the name garden table. In addition to working as a table can also function as a tool to bring the water that is ready for watering the plants you give it right above the garden table. Take … Continue reading

Scroll Table by Timorous Beasties

Scroll Table a table by Timorous beasties has beautiful motifs on table top section. Scroll table is perfect if your home a traditional or modern classic shades. With white legs and a pretty unique linkage between the legs of the table and top table gives an elegant impression for dining table and coffee table. The … Continue reading

Airia Desk by Herman Miller

Airia Desk serves as a desk in your home, equipped with slots for storing your office supplies. Attractive design with a modern concept of Airia Desk. I call this Airia Desk with study table made by Herman Miller. Here are the specifications from the manufacturer.”Made of high quality materials – a solid walnut frame and … Continue reading

Glass Dining Table Can Give The Other Shades in Your Home

Glass Dining Table with walnut veneer material and design a beautiful table legs can give the other shades in your home. The design of this table seems very sturdy with pieces of plywood to support each other across a clear glass top. Glass Dining table can contain up to 6 people with the appropriate design … Continue reading

LED Table With Variation Color Illuminated

Unique LED table lamp with a color variation of the illuminated around this table. The top of this table using acrylic or frosted glass so that the fluorescent light beautifully. The size of the LED table is large enough so that it can load for many people.

Iris – Coffee Table by Michael Bihain

Iris coffee table a design of Michael Bihain, has a simple design but has the uniqueness of the top table with a slit-like leaves at the top. Holes are meant to keep some kind of table on top of it. There are two colors in this coffee table that is white and black.

20 Unusual Modern Table Designs

Tables are usually used for very practical purposes, but we want to show you some of the most creative and stylish examples which would definitely spice up your place! So check out these 20 modern table designs, and later tell us – which one would you like to have at your home? 1. Wallnut And … Continue reading

Make a Laptop Hammock for a Dollar and Hang Your Laptop Off Your Desk

If you use an external monitor or two and don’t need your laptop on your desk, free up some precious desk real estate by keeping it out of the way. This cheap laptop hammock keeps your laptop’s ports in easy reach. Ars Technica’s Casey Johnston walks us through the very simple instructions, which may not … Continue reading