Lap Of Luxury Lap Desks Announces Upgraded Website Read more:

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Eugene, Oregon (PRWEB) April 19, 2012

Lap of Luxury Lap Desks wants their customers to know that they care about their time. Making the website user friendly with the new integrated Shopping Cart eases the ordering process. Each fabric is now combined with each of the desktop choices to make it possible to click on the selection and then go directly to the new and improved Shopping Cart. The entire fabric selection, order process, and order tracking have all been streamlined. Previously customers had to contact the company in order to choose certain wood tops but as inventory has grown, the commitment to ease of use has grown too.

Each Luxury Lap Desk is meticulously handmade. Attention to detail, quality materials, and a wide variety of excellent woods and fabrics makes Luxury Lap Desks stand apart. The varieties of wood available for the ½” desk top include walnut, cherry, maple or bamboo. Matching home furniture is entirely possible with this wide range of lap desk tops.

A large bamboo or wood top Lap Desk provides a full 5” of lift allowing the back and neck to assume more normal curves thus decreasing muscle strain and pain. This makes it a wise choice for those with neck and back pain caused by awkward positioning while writing or keyboarding without support. For the laptop computer user, the writer, the crafter and the person who likes to eat comfortably while watching TV, a Luxury Lap Desk is a good solution.

Since 2005, Lap of Luxury Lap Desks has made lovely and functional products that allow users to work away from a table or desk with support and ease. Easing the process of ordering with the integrated Shopping Cart is one way of showing their high regard for the customer.


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