What Is Functional Design?

Design refers to the planning that is the foundation of making things. There are different design philosophies, approaches, and methods. Design strikes a balance between a number of different components, and depending on the situation, it can give more weight to one or another. For example, one might focus on materials and ask what could be made with a certain collection of items, or one could focus on aesthetics and try to imagine the most beautiful object to place in a certain setting. Functional design can refer to a focus on function rather than aesthetics, a concern with objectives rather than components, or it can refer to the use of a complete requirements document to guide development and testing or to a computer modeling technique. In addition functional design is an integral part of functional design specification.

Most often, functional design is used to mean that the product’s functionality is taken into account in important ways as it is imagined and built. For a product to end up being functional, both the end user and the client need to be considered all the way through the design process. It may take some work to describe the target audience accurately.


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